Gregg Marcus, Insurance Broker Based in New York, New York

A reputable broker of property and casualty insurance who also handles business property and casualty insurance is Gregg Marcus. Mr. Marcus works with clients to evaluate and buy property insurance to offer coverage for their commercial and company properties. He is based in New York, New York. Additionally, he strives to satisfy the requirements of his clients for casualty insurance that will offer liability coverage to support their protection in the event that they are held legally accountable for an accident that results in the harm or destruction of another person's property. Mr. Marcus also works in the commercial finance sector, offering a variety of financing alternatives to clients and business owners.

The commercial hard money loan sector has employed Gregg Marcus for more than 25 years. His experience working at MSM Enterprises of New York Inc. since 1996 has given him a solid platform on which to create commercial alliances, grow and promote clients' businesses, and coach aspiring business owners. Mr. Marcus has over fifteen years of experience in the mortgage counseling industry through his work with First Interactive LLC. He has assisted clients from a wide range of backgrounds in obtaining the finance required for numerous projects and has offered consultation on all areas of mortgages.

Gregg Marcus is well known as a philanthropist. He has contributed to the Long Island, New York-based organization Sunrise Day Camp for kids with cancer. Since its inception in 2006, Sunrise Day Camp has helped children with cancer and their siblings relive the fun of childhood. Mr. Marcus has additionally contributed to Americans for Class, better known as Meadow's Movement, a group dedicated to enhancing student safety. He was one of those who funded the purchase of the land and home in Brookville, New York, which would eventually become The Chabad of Brookville, between 2007 and 2008. At the twelfth Interfaith Concert of Remembrance in 2002, Gregg Marcus was given the Humanitarian Award.